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Signalier SLT-29








Aerial Lift:The aerial lift shall consist of a platform attached to a scissor type lift assembly, which is mounted on the truck. The device shall conform to the latest version of ANSI/SIA A92.2 and all other applicable specifications and regulations.The lift shall be the manufacturer’s latest production model and shall be equipped with standard equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s latest data. No prototypes are allowed. The platform ground to bottom height shall be a minimum 24 feet, with a working height of 29 feet.The platform should be capable of traverse motion, 60 inches to the left and right with a capacity of 750 pounds fully extended.Lift shall have a minimum load capacity of 1,000 pounds. Scissor arms are to be constructed from 5x2x3/16” ASTM Grade B tubing.The upper and lower frames of the lift should be constructed of 4” structural channel. All pivot points are to be non-lube bushings with a compressive strength of 100,000 psi. Scissor ends shall have oil impregnated UHMW.


Aerial Platform:The platform shall be aluminum diamond plat floor, 48 x 96 or 60 x 96 inches inside dimensions; 42 inch high aluminum railing, with a minimum 30 inch door and 6 inch high aluminum kick plate in bottom of platform.All platform rails shall be designed to support a minimum of 300 pounds per ANSI A92.2The handrails shall be 1-1/4 inch tube bent on six-inch radius to form a noweld corner.The platform shall be equipped with safety belt ring attachment. The ring attachment point shall be located to accept the connection of a 72 inch safety lanyard in lift position without hampering the operator’s freedom of movement within the platform, all per ANSI requirements.


Aerial Hydraulics: Hydraulics shall be clutch pump, 2.5 gallons per minute, minimum at idle. Tank shall be a minimum 15 gallons with suction strainer, vented cap, fill strainer, temperature sight gauges.Tank shall be equipped with brass shut off valve. Valve shall be manual over electric type.Hydraulic system to be equipped with maximum 10 micron spin on return line filter.Cylinder to be double acting power up and power down type.Includes all other components necessary for smooth, safe operation and compliance to standards and regulations.Includes a 12 volt Fenner SPX power unit to supply power to lift in case of main system failure. Safety pilot check valves shall be integral on all hydraulic cylinders, with emergency by-pass provisions at the ground control station.


Controls: The lower controls are to be manual type with full lift functions and include E-stop emergency pump. Lower controls station will override the upper controls. The upper controls are to be electric joystick/push button type with full lift functions, emergency stop and emergency pump, and remove start “if needed”. All controls are to be sealed in water resistant enclosures on platform.Control cables to be a minimum 14 gauge double insulated. Cables are to be secured using cushioned clamps along the scissor frame. The cable ends are to be secured in control boxes using watertight cable strain relief connections.


Outriggers:One (1) pair of adjustable outriggers, minimum, to be mounted on each sideof the truck. Outriggers shall be attached to the frame between cab and utility body.Hydraulic controlled cylinders are to be equipped with a pilot check valve to automatically lock in extended position.