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Signalier SLT-21-12


Scissors Type Platform Lift

The following Lift Specifications describe a Stamm, Model SLT-21-12. The specifications are as follows:

The aerial lift shall consist of a platform attached to a scissor type lift assembly, which is platform mounted on the truck. The device shall conform to the latest version of ASNSI/SIA A92.2 and all other applicable specifications and regulations.

The lift shall be the manufacturers latest production model and shall be equipped with standard equipment in accordance with the manufacturers latest data.

Stamm Manufacturing Model SLT-21-12 Scissor Lift mounted transversely behind double Bulkhead of platform.

21' working height with 12' extendable side reach to the end of the platform, curb side. Transverse and horizontal movement to be controlled hydraulically. Transverse movement only required to right side. The transverse horizontal extension shall be a hydraulic 2 stage system.

Platform capacity - 1000 lbs.

Scissor arms are to be constructed from 5"x2" x 3/16" ASM Grade B tubing.

The upper and lower frames of the lift are to be constructed of 4" structural channel.

All pivot points are to be non-lube bushings with a compressive strength of 100,000 PSI.

Scissor ends shall have oil impregnated UHMW.

Unit to be equipped with upper and lower controls. Lower controls can override upper controls. Includes 12VDC emergency power system in case of main system failure. Upper controls are electric over hydraulic sealed toggle switches.

Platform to be aluminum construction measuring 34"W x 96"L x 42"H. Aluminum treat plate floor. 30" access gate centered in the rear hand rail to allow access from the center of the bed area between side compartments. The platform shall be equipped with safety belt ring attachment. The ring attachment paint shall be located to accept the connection of a 72" safety lanyard in lift position without hampering the operators freedom of movement within the platform; construction of platform rails 1 1/4" aluminum tubing bent on 6" rails as to create no weld corners, all per ANSI requirements.

Safety pilot check valves shall be integral on all hydraulic cylinders, with emergency by-pass provisions at the ground control station.

The lower controls are to be manual type with full lift functions and include E-stop emergency pump.

All controls are to be sealed in water resistant enclosures on platform.

Control cables to be a minimum of 14 gauge double insulated. Cables are to be secured using cushioned clamps along the scissors frame. The cable ends are to be secured in control boxes using watertight cable strain relief connections.

Unit to be painted same as cab color; School Bus Yellow #1419

(2) hydraulic right side outriggers, frame rail mounted. (1) front, mounted under the platform, and (1) rear of tires. Cylinders are to be equipped with a pivot check valve to automatically lock in the extended position.

Wiring Shall Be a Sealed Wiring System

All wiring shall be continuous without splices. All electrical connections shall be soldered and heat shrink sealed or the use of solder less connectors with heat shrink attached will be acceptable. Open butt connectors and scotch locks will not be acceptable on any portion of the body or on any portion of the cab and chassis - inside or out.

All wiring shall be marine grade sheathed wiring and shall be routed and secured in a neat and clean fashion. Wires shall be sheathed and routed along channels, frame rails, cross-members, other wire looms, lines or hoses and shall be secured along these areas at a maximum distance of every 12 inches. Clear spanning across open voids without support will not be acceptable. All wiring shall be protected from chaffing with rubber grommets and sheathing materials. Wiring or wire harnesses shall not be intertwined or routed within multiple hydraulic lines. Any discrepancies found during the course of inspection will have to be corrected.