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Signalier T529


Specifications Description

These specifications shall be new, of current manufacture, a production model, and must meet all State and Federal safety standards in effect at the time of installation. Any items appearing in the manufacture's regular published specifications furnished by the bidder are assumed to be included in the "Bidders Proposal". Any additions, deletions or variations from manufacture's regular published specifications must be outlined in an attached letter.

Minor deviations from these specifications which do not impair comparative functional equivalency will be accepted.


General: The Truck with Lift shall be designed for crews to reach, install and repair Traffic signals and signage.

Platform Make: Signalier Model T-529 or equal.

Articulating Arm: Lower arm is attached to base plate which is directed to frame. There are two (2) lift cylinders, one on each arm in which raises the unit to its full height giving a 29 foot working height. Plus the Articulating arm will raise or lower the platform to either side, outward beyond the base plate 6 feet, then by hydraulic pressure the platform will traverse out an additional 5 feet thus covering a total distance over either side of 11 feet.

Traversing Unit: The platform shall traverse from side to side by a hydraulic powered assembly. Permanently lubricates UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) shall be used to allow the ease of platform movements. A Char-Lynn hydraulic motor shall be coupled to the drive assembly to traverse the platform on gear and 4 feet to each side traverse or 5 feet with #50 chain drive.

Stored Travel Height: From ground to top of platform railings is approximately 10 feet 6 inches.

Platform Assembly: The work platform shall measure 48in x 96in or 60in x 96in constructed of aluminum with a 42in high side railing. A swing gate with latch shall be provided at the rear of the platform. The safety shall consist of a top railing and a midway railing to be constructed of 1 1/4in schedule 40 aluminum pipe bent to a 6in radius corner as to create a no weld corner throughout the platform. The top railing is a continuous length bent on a 6in radius on all corners, no weld on top of corners. The door will be one continuous length bent on 6in radius on top and at bottom a straight 4in kick plate. The latch to be counter balanced one way. The floor is constructed of 3/16in aluminum diamond plate welded to a 2in x 2in x 1/8in frame 48in x 96in or 60in x 96in with cross braces on 24in center welded to a 6in ship channel with gussets on 24in center for support or flew of channel.

The upper controls shall mount at the front center at the top rail.

Platform Capacity: 1,500lbs. Up to 5 feet outward beyond lift base plate on either side of truck, via use of articulating arms.

When hydraulic traverse the platform floor is beyond 5 feet over either side of the base plate, then the platform capacity is reduced to 750lbs.

Hydraulic Tank: 20-Gallon capacity with oil level sight glass and vented fill cap with strainer screen. Section liner filter 100 mesh and 3/4in 10 Micron return line filter will be tank mounted or equal.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 2,100 PSI with hydraulic pressure relief valves at platform operating station and at the ground operating station. A pressure guage will be installed at inlet of ground station hydraulic valves.

Hydraulic Power: An electric clutch pump, engine mounted, belt driven will be provided or PTO Pump output of 5-7 GPM.

Elevation Cylinders: Two (2), One on each articulating arms, double acting. Each cylinder is equipped with a load holding check valve and an adjustable flow control valve for controlled speed of platform.

Hydraulic Controls: Both on ground and platform operating stations there shall be full hydraulic valves with self-centering automatic return to neutral position handles. The platform control station will have keyed engine start/stop ignition switch and a switch to turn the Clutch pump on and off if used.

Gound Operating Station: Controls will be on the left side of vehicle at base of lift unit. There will be five (5) valves at the station.

First Valve: controls left side stabilizer

Second Valve: controls the right stabilizer

Third Valve: controls the traversing platform

Fourth Valve: controls the lower lift arm

Fifth Valve: controls the upper lift arm

Platform Operating Station: There will be three (3) hand operated hydraulic valves to control the Platform.

First Valve: will operate hydraulic traversing of the platform

Second Valve: controls the lower lift arm

Third Valve: controls the upper lift arm

Control valves are to be mounted inside hand railings at front of platform. A formed solid guard will be installed around valves.

Emergency Lowering: 12 Volt DC power unit at the platform and ground level.

Hydraulic Stabilizers: Two (2), one on each side of truck behind the cab-forward of lift base plate mounted to truck frame. Each stabilizer will operate via a 2 1/2in bore hydraulic cylinder equipped with a telescopic leg which has a self leveling foot plate on the bottom. Stabilizers are to extend straight down to ground and be no wider than the widest point of the vehicle. Each stabilizer cylinder will be equipped with a double acting pilot pressure operating holding valve.

Travel Locks: A travel lock will be installed on left side to secure both arms in lock position for traveling.

Lights: All control switches shall be installed in dash.

Labels: All switches and controls shall have permanent labels indicating function/position, a dash mounted travel clearance decal will be installed. A permanent label will be attached to the hydraulic tank to show type of oil to be used in system.

Manuals: One (1) set of parts and maintenance manuals will be supplied.