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Scissor Lift Working Platforms

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Aerial Lift:

  1. The aerial lift shall consist of a platform attached to a scissor type lift assembly, which is mounted on the truck. The device shall conform to the latest version of ANSI/SIA A92.2 and all other applicable specifications and regulations.
  2. The lift shall be the manufacturer’s latest production model and shall be equipped with standard equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s latest data. No prototypes are allowed.
  3. The platform ground to bottom height shall be a minimum of 22 feet working height.
  4. Lift shall have a minimum load capacity of 10,000 pounds.

Scissor Lift:
Arm – Tubing 3/8” x 4” x 10’
Pins – 2” Stress proof Plated
Bushing – Mechanical Tubing with ¼” Wall
Roller – Solid Steel with Bushings
Top & Bottom Frame with 6” Ship Channel (6x 12 lbs.)
Dual Track Top & Bottom for more stability
8” Chrome Telescopic Cylinder


  1. The lower controls are to be with full lift functions and include E-stop. Lower controls station will override the upper controls.
  2. The upper controls are to be push button type with full lift functions, emergency stop.
  3. All controls are to be sealed in water resistant enclosures on platform.
  4. Control cables to be a minimum of 14 gauge double insulated. Cables are to be secured using cushioned clamps along the scissor frame. The cable
    ends are to be secured in control boxes using watertight cable strain relief connections.
  5. Emergency lowering control to be installed at both top and ground stations with a separate battery to power same. The emergency battery shall be charged by the vehicle’s alternator through a battery isolator. Emergency engine shutdown switch to be located at both ground station and top controls.
  6. Engine stop and start at upper control.

Handrail Design:

The handrails shall be of aluminum 1 ¼” tube bent on 6” radius to form no
welded corners in no more than 8’ long sections with gates of same.


Work Platform for Scissor:

4” cross member on 16” center, 4” rub rail on sides, 3/16” floor diamond plate,
42” high hand rails as to ANSI specs and removable with access gate at rear and
with step and handrails to match.


Gate Entry:

Tie ring in floor for safety lanyard.

Hydraulic Tank:

25 gallon
All hoses SAE


4 strobes on bottom of body when body is raised.

Operation pressure is 2150. All components to match the PSI.


Truck Specs


It is the intent of this specification to describe a truck cab/chassis with a scissor-lift platform rack body. The truck will be used in overhead maintenance and to transport materials to the work site.


Chassis to be diesel powered, 230 hp, min. 7L with manual priming pump and equipped with 5 speed 3500RDS automatic transmission; heavy-duty power take off with automatic over-speed control, Muncie "Hot-Shift" or equal; two (2) 750CCA 12 volt maintenance-free batteries, 120 amp alternator, 35,000 lbs. GVW min. standard cab.

Option Cab:

Factory style integral crew cab with OEM bench seating and belts for six persons.


Front axle rated 14,000 lbs. with power steering. Rear axle rated 23,000 lbs. min. Heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers front and rear commensurate with axle ratings.


Full air system with min. compressor capacity of 12 cfm. To be equipped with Bendix AD-9 air dryer with automatic moisture ejector device and manual drain valves. Parking brake to be "piggy-back" spring apply/air release acting on the rear wheels.

Chassis Accessories:

1. Large OEM retractable mirrors both sides.
2. Grab handles, both sides of cab, all doors.
3. 50 gallon min. fuel tank marked "DIESEL"
4. Cable hung stirrup steps on both sides of rear step.
5. Pintle hook, Holland T100-A or equal, with safety chain loops, 7-pin receptacle and brake controller.
6. 11R2.5H 16 PR all season tires, including spare tire and rim, shipped loose.
7. Tow hooks, 2 front, mounted to frame.
8. Amber LED L360 beacon lights mounted right side up on brackets to underside of platform, 4-corner mounted; automatic "on" when platform is raised.
9. Amber strobe bar mounted on cab roof.
10. Factory 3-man bench seat; dash mounted shift controls.