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Home Products Aerial Buckets Versalift LT-56/ LT-62 Telescopic Aerial Lift Specifications

Versalift LT-56/ LT-62 Telescopic Aerial Lift Specifications

Versalift LT-56/LT62 Telescopic Aerial Lift Specifications


The standard platform is 49in. x 33in. x 43 in(1.25 x 1.1m) (l x w x h) with a step-through opening for easy acess.  The maximum platform capacity is 440lbs (200 kg). Platform leveling is controlled  automatically by a master and slave cylinder arrangement and 180° hydraulic platform rotation is standard. 


Rotation is continuous and unrestricted in either direction.  An electric and hydraulic collector assembley provides the path for hydrauic oil and electric signals from the path for hydraulic oil and electric signals from the pedestal turret. A hydraulically driven worm and spur gear and a shear-ball rotation bearing accomplish rotation. The critical bolts holding the turret to the rotation bearing and  the rotation bearing to the pedestal meet SAE grade 8 specifications.  These holding critical bolts are Torque Seal Marked to provide a quick means to inspect for loosening.  An adjustment screw is provided to adjust pinion and rotation gear clearances.  


Hydraulic System

The open center hydraulic system operates at 2250 psi (158kg/cm2) at 3gpm (11 lpm).  The pump draws oil through a 100 mesh suction strainer that is equipped with a bypass valve.  A 10-micron return filter with shut-off valve is included. This system is powered by the chassis transmission power take off. 


The complete unit is primed and painted prior to assembly. White enamel paint is standard.



The extension cylinder has wear rings on the piston and end gland for extended seal life.  Dual holding vlalves are mounted at the extension cylnder base to prevent boom creep during travel or uncontrolled movement in case of hydraulic hose failure. The boom elevation cylinder also has a dual holding valve.  

Emergency Power 

This system consists of a hydraulic pump driven by a DC motor, which is powered by the truck engine battery.  the system is connected in parallel with the main pump and is designed for non-continous operation,  Toggle switches are used to energize the system at the upper and lower controls.  Emergency power is only available when the primary power source is not operating.

Boom & Cylinder Pins

Pins are high strength alloy steel and chrome plated for a hard finish and corrosion resistance.  Cylinder pins are held in place with Torque Seal marked bolts at one end and a pin cap bolted to the other end.  

Upper Controls

The upper controls are mounted to the outside of the platform and include a guard to prevent damage and inadvertent operation.  The boom functions are operated by fully feathering joysticks with dafety triggers.  Auxillary functions are operated by color coded push button switches.  An emergency stop palm button is also provided.  The emergency stop kills power to the controls, control valve, and stops the chassis engine.


Lower Controls

The lower controls are mounted to the side of the turret.  A key switch selects upper or lower control options. Toggle switches operate all boom functions at reduced speeds. The emergency stop kills power to the controls, control valve, and stops the chassis engine.


Fiberglass-Teflon non-lube bearings are used at all points of motion.  The rotation bearing is the only component that requires periodic lubrication.  


General Specifictions  (Based on 40 in.  (1.02m) Frame Height)

                                                                      Versalift LT-56                 Versalift LT-62

Height to Bottom of Platform                  57 ft 11 in (17.65m)          63 ft 11 in (19.48)

Working Height                                        62 ft 11 in (19.18)             68 ft 11 in (21.01m)

Horizontal Reach                                    26ft 3 in (8.0)                     11 ft 11 in (3.63)

Maximum Rated Platform Capacity     440 ibs (200 kg)                440 ibs (200 kg)


Hydraulic System 

Operating Pressure                              2250 PSI (158 kg/cm2 )  2250 PSI (158 kg/cm2)            

Flow Rate                                             3 GPM (11 lpm)               3 GPM (11 lpm)

Filtration                                               10 Micron Return             10 Mircon Return 

System Type                                         Open Center                   Open Center

Reservoir Capacity                               30 gal (1131)                  30 gal (1131)


  • 120V WIRING