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Digger Derrick Specifications

Hercules 5042 Digger Derrick Truck Mount Version

The truck mounted hercules 5042 Digger Derrick ships as a complete assembly with the boom and outriggers mounted on a bolt on subframe ready for installation on either a Ford F-550 with a 164.8" wheelbase and a 84" C.A. dimension or a Dodge Ram 5500 with a 168.5" wheelbase and a C.A. of 84".

On either truck the maximum sheave hieght is 42' with a maximum load capacity of 5000lbs.  The patented folding bucket system folds out in when not in use and can be hydraulically deployed into the operating position in less than one minute when required.


Overall Length:    274" With boom in Storage Position

Overall Width:     100" With Outriggers in Storage Position

Overall Height:    130" With Boom in Storage Position


Dimensions And Weight

Overall Length:  274" With boom in storage position

Overall Width:  100" With outriggers in storage position

Overall Height: 130" With boom in storage position

Weight and Payload

    -Basic Vehicle with Boom   15,000 Ibs (Minimum weight for stability)

    -Payload                              4,000 lbs

Flat Deck Area                        100ft (approx. 96' x 150') mounted on a 108" C.A.

Crane Specifications

42ft Sheave Height

100° of Boom Travel(+80°to -20°)

5,000Lbs. Capacity Turret Winch

Lifting Capacity at 10' Radius-4,000Lbs.

9/16" Nylon Winch Rope with Swivel Hook

Fully Hydraulic 2nd and 3rd Boom Extension

Fiberglass Insulated 3rd Boom

Fulll Pressure Hydraulics

Automatic Reset H.O.P. System with Function Lockouts

Auger Overstowage Protection

Boom Side Loaded Protection

Horn at Boom Console

Pressure Gauges at Boom Console 

Engine Throttle at Boom Console

Dual Joysticks for Elevation, Rotation and 2nd/3rd Boom

Folding Bucket

600Lb Capacity Jib at Bucket

Outrigger Interlock

Moving Outrigger Alarm

Conforms to ANSI A10.31

Full Continuous Rotation

40 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir

Oil Cooler Available

Auger Digging Radius 12' to 20'

3,000 Ft/lb auger Drive

Level Gauges on Tower (2)

2-Sets of Operations, Parts and Service Manuals

Recommended Chassis -19,500 Lb GVW-84" C.A.

Specifications subject to change without notice


 Optional Equipment &Accessories

Diggers/Augers                                                                             Hydraulic Oil Tank Heater                                       2,000 Lb to 5,000 Lb Winches                        

Fiberglass Personnerl Platform                                                    Hydraulic tool Outlet on Deck                                  2,000 to ft/lb Auger Drives

 Full Pressure Upper Controls                                                      Folding Bucket                                                        Pole Rack 

  Radio Remote Controls                                                              Hydraulic Tool Outlet at Bucket                              Various Deck/Toolbox Configurations

 Pole Guide                                                                                  Jib at Bucket                                                           Custom Colors Available

 Optional Outrigger Arrangements                                               Pole Puller                                                              Additonal Parts and Service Manuals